So who are the Nibspotters?

Surprisingly there are only two people behind the Instagram account (nibspotter) and this website.

We are Riley and Aaron who, like you, are stationery addicts.

Over the last couple of years, we have explored the decadent world of pen, paper and stationery. As a team we are constantly sharing articles, visiting shops and sharing new ideas or purchases with each other, so why not let others in on this venture? This passion of ours has turned into an obsession.

As we continued to traverse these beautiful instruments our enthusiasm erupted. At first, however, the recipients of the flow of fountain pen information were friends and family, whilst many appreciated our determination, few shared our passion.

That is why we have created our blog, to share the beauty of a good pen and paper with an even wider community. To explore and provide, to create and to develop and to motivate and teach, we have many great ideas for the future.