Aurora Optima

“In every hobby, there seems to be a quest for the quintessential experience.  It is no different for fountain pen users, often debating about their ‘grail pen’- the pen that will fulfil all their needs and desires.” Rani found this “quintessential experience” in the Aurora Optima. After seeing both his collection and the passion he…Continue Reading “Pens Of The People – Rani’s Aurora Optima passion”

So what is the best fountain pen friendly notebook? One of the frustrating things about the fountain pen hobby is having your writing experience ruined by bad paper! To prevent this issue from happening in your life we have compiled our top 10 best fountain pen friendly notebooks and paper! Many notebooks in the list are…Continue Reading “Top 10 best fountain pen friendly notebooks”

Lamy Safari Petrol

Lamy Petrol… high expectations When Lamy announced that the limited edition Safari colour for 2017 would be ‘Petrol’, the fountain pen community was almost unanimously joyful.  Following the huge popularity of last year’s release, Dark Lilac, I was very keen to get my hands on this limited edition.  I was especially excited for the Lamy Petrol…Continue Reading “Ink review: Limited Edition Lamy Petrol ink”

Namiki Emperor Vermillion

“I have tried hundreds of pens, but none come close to the Namiki Emperor Vermillion” Those who set out on the journey of finding the biggest and most grand fountain pen, the options have long remained unchanged; Montblanc 149, Pelikan M1000, an Oversize Visconti or perhaps a Sailor King of Pen. What if you want…Continue Reading “Pens of the People: The Namiki Emperor Vermillion”

Anne Lines

Who is Anne Lines? I’m sure many of our readers will have seen the weird and wonderful patterns created by Annelies, or as you might know her @anne.lines or @anne.grids. Annelies is a Dutch artist who set herself the challenge of “exploring lines on a daily basis”. This challenge began with Annelies creating one lined…Continue Reading “Anne Lines: A geometric journey – Nibspotter”