Pelikan M1050

In this instalment of ‘Pens Of The People’, we take a look at one very special Pelikan M1050. The pen in question is a result of the work of the extremely talented Shawn Newton, and it’s proud owner, P.T.Balan. The Pelikan flagship The Pelikan M1050 (and M1000 and M1005) is seen by many as the…Continue Reading “Pens Of The People: PB’s custom binde Pelikan M1050 ‘Gryffindor edition’”


Bungubox turns five Well know Japanese fountain pen retailer, Bungubox, are celebrating their fifth anniversary in 2017. Bungbox is best known for their stunning selection of inks, which have taken the fountain pen world by storm over the last couple of years. Apart from their inks, Bungbox also works in conjunction with many Japanese fountain…Continue Reading “Bungubox 5th anniversary Sailor Pro Gear”

Line friends pink lamy safari

Another limited edition Line Friends Lamy Safari For those of you who collect the Lamy Safari, it seems like every other day you have a new pen to buy.  This time, it’s the Line Friends Pink Lamy Safari. Today, Japanese technology company and more recently retailer ‘Line’ announced a new collaboration with Lamy.  This collaboration…Continue Reading “Line Friends pink Lamy Safari ‘Choco’”

Marcus Torpedo Luxury fountain pen

In this world of social media and in particular crowdfunding, it seems like we see new pen manufacturers (such as Trilogy Pens and Steel & Flint) almost daily.  Whilst many of these creators have been releasing beautiful and functional pens, few have attempted to challenge the ‘high rollers’ of the luxury fountain pen world. This…Continue Reading “How a passion for art lead to a luxury fountain pen company: Marcus Torpedo”

In this edition of pens of the people, we take a close look at the assortment of Wahl-Eversharp Skylines belonging to one passionate collector. For many people, it can take a long time to find a pen that they truly connect with.  Leah, an Australian fountain pen collector (and Bonsai enthusiast), found this sanctity in…Continue Reading “Pens of the People: Wahl-Eversharp Skyline”