Namiki Emperor Vermillion

“I have tried hundreds of pens, but none come close to the Namiki Emperor Vermillion” Those who set out on the journey of finding the biggest and most grand fountain pen, the options have long remained unchanged; Montblanc 149, Pelikan M1000, an Oversize Visconti or perhaps a Sailor King of Pen. What if you want…Continue Reading “Pens of the People: The Namiki Emperor Vermillion”

Pelikan M1050

In this instalment of ‘Pens Of The People’, we take a look at one very special Pelikan M1050. The pen in question is a result of the work of the extremely talented Shawn Newton, and it’s proud owner, P.T.Balan. The Pelikan flagship The Pelikan M1050 (and M1000 and M1005) is seen by many as the…Continue Reading “Pens Of The People: PB’s custom binde Pelikan M1050 ‘Gryffindor edition’”

Kawakubo pen

The ability of the Japanese to make a truly spectacular fountain pen is well known amongst the stationery community. From the evergreen offerings from Sailor, Pilot and Platinum, to the intrinsic details of a Maki-e finish. These consistently high-quality Japanese pens have developed somewhat of a cult-like following over the years. For US based fountain…Continue Reading “Pens Of The People: Angus’ Kawakubo collection”

In this edition of pens of the people, we take a close look at the assortment of Wahl-Eversharp Skylines belonging to one passionate collector. For many people, it can take a long time to find a pen that they truly connect with.  Leah, an Australian fountain pen collector (and Bonsai enthusiast), found this sanctity in…Continue Reading “Pens of the People: Wahl-Eversharp Skyline”