Bungubox turns five Well know Japanese fountain pen retailer, Bungubox, are celebrating their fifth anniversary in 2017. Bungbox is best known for their stunning selection of inks, which have taken the fountain pen world by storm over the last couple of years. Apart from their inks, Bungbox also works in conjunction with many Japanese fountain…Continue Reading “Bungubox 5th anniversary Sailor Pro Gear”

What is InCoWriMo? The International Correspondence Writing Month, otherwise know as InCoWriMo, is upon us! Every February beckons the writing challenge of the year. We love these types of challenges, because of how they remind us of the ‘good old days’ where analogue tools ruled supreme for the whole population! This challenge is a great…Continue Reading “InCoWriMo 2017 – The ultimate letter writing challenge”

Akkerman Dutch Masters

Special edition Akkerman Dutch Masters ink collection Dutch retailer and manufacturer Akkerman, recently announced a new ink range! Labelled ‘Akkerman Dutch Masters limited colour collection’, the ink set is a testament to famous artists of years gone past. According to the Akkerman website the inks are “inspired by paintings of Rembrandt, Hals, Vermeer and other famous…Continue Reading “Akkerman Dutch Masters ink collection”

Line friends pink lamy safari

Another limited edition Line Friends Lamy Safari For those of you who collect the Lamy Safari, it seems like every other day you have a new pen to buy.  This time, it’s the Line Friends Pink Lamy Safari. Today, Japanese technology company and more recently retailer ‘Line’ announced a new collaboration with Lamy.  This collaboration…Continue Reading “Line Friends pink Lamy Safari ‘Choco’”

New year, new Pantone colour – Green stationery Every year around this time, colour institute, Pantone, release their Colour of the Year. This colour choice is Pantone’s prediction of what trends we will see in fashion, design and general society over the next 12 months.  Last year, Pantone chose two colours, being Rose Quartz and Serenity….Continue Reading “Pantone Colour Of The Year: Green Stationery options”

Conid Bulkfiller

Cappuccino themed Conid Bulkfiller Those of you who read our post on ‘Fountain pens and coffee‘ will remember the soon-to-be-revealed cappuccino themed Conid Bulkfiller we wrote about. At the time we wrote that post, we knew that the new Conid would be a ‘Cappuccino’ theme, but the actual finish was unknown. Today, Conid released this…Continue Reading “Conid Bulkfiller: Cappuccino limited edition”