Anne Lines

Who is Anne Lines? I’m sure many of our readers will have seen the weird and wonderful patterns created by Annelies, or as you might know her @anne.lines or @anne.grids. Annelies is a Dutch artist who set herself the challenge of “exploring lines on a daily basis”. This challenge began with Annelies creating one lined…Continue Reading “Anne Lines: A geometric journey – Nibspotter”

Marcus Torpedo Luxury fountain pen

In this world of social media and in particular crowdfunding, it seems like we see new pen manufacturers (such as Trilogy Pens and Steel & Flint) almost daily.  Whilst many of these creators have been releasing beautiful and functional pens, few have attempted to challenge the ‘high rollers’ of the luxury fountain pen world. This…Continue Reading “How a passion for art lead to a luxury fountain pen company: Marcus Torpedo”