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Lamy Safari Petrol

Lamy Petrol… high expectations

When Lamy announced that the limited edition Safari colour for 2017 would be ‘Petrol’, the fountain pen community was almost unanimously joyful.  Following the huge popularity of last year’s release, Dark Lilac, I was very keen to get my hands on this limited edition.  I was especially excited for the Lamy Petrol ink that accompanies the Safari, which is what I will be reviewing today.

Lamy Petrol ink review safari
Image via LAMY

Following the Pacific blue ink debacle, all eyes were on Lamy to see if this will be an opportunity at redemption.  Whilst this release hasn’t been without its issues (as I will discuss later), I am pleased to say that I love the ink and the pen.

The limited edition Lamy Petrol ink is a dark teal colour and it comes in both cartridges and the T52 bottle.

Experience and performance

Lamy Petrol ink Safari
Pic Via LAMY

Many of you will likely be familiar with the Lamy ink bottles.  It is a circular 50ml glass bottle with a plastic base that doubles as a blotting paper dispenser. Whilst it is a small thing, the blotting paper has always been a welcome touch in my eyes.  The bottle design is fairly industrial in nature, but it is by no means unattractive.

Lamy Petrol ink

Unlike a lot of other ink bottles out there, there is a generous opening to fill from, so even large nibbed pens are a breeze to fill up.

Lamy Petrol ink

Like the majority of Lamy’s inks, Petrol is well behaved and on the wet side.  I find that it has very good lubrication and flows well in both fine and broad nibbed pens.

The colour is not exactly what I was expecting. Judging by the first pictures I saw online, I was expecting a far lighter teal than it turned out to be.  The actual ink comes out of the nib as a far deeper colour that is closer to a green than a blue.

Lamy Petrol ink

The ink has some nice shading to it, particularly in wetter nibs.

There is a small amount of red sheen when used liberally, however, I struggled to see much of it in everyday writing.

Lamy Petrol ink


At the moment, much of the world is having trouble getting their hands on bottles of the ink.  Cartridges have hit the shelves in Europe and America, however, the bottles aren’t expected until May.  I live in Australia, and we were lucky enough to get a shipment of bottles earlier than the rest of the world.

Besides the short-term supply issues, one can safely assume there will be a long-term shortage of the bottles too.  Following the now valuable Dark Lilac ink shortages, expect people to be hoarding Petrol like one might gather Campbell’s soup cans in an apocalypse…


Conclusion and value

Overall I think this is another great ink release from Lamy.  The depth of the teal is very unique, and the performance of the ink is very respectable.  Coming in at $20 AUD and a bit cheaper in Europe and America, this ink is very good value.  Expect bottles to be going for twice that price in six months time! I look forward to the next Lamy limited edition release!

Will you be picking up a bottle of Lamy Petrol?

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2 thoughts on “Ink review: Limited Edition Lamy Petrol ink

  1. I’m thinking no. Doesn’t do anything for me. So many inks out there I like much more. It’s disappointing following Dark Lilac 🙁

    1. Definitely not quite on the level of Dark Lilac. When the bar is set that high, not much could beat it!

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