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Anne Lines

Who is Anne Lines?

I’m sure many of our readers will have seen the weird and wonderful patterns created by Annelies, or as you might know her @anne.lines or @anne.grids.

Annelies is a Dutch artist who set herself the challenge of “exploring lines on a daily basis”. This challenge began with Annelies creating one lined print each day for a year. She has since surpassed this year mark and, as we found out, she has no intention of stopping.

Anne Lines

Drawing and colouring on a daily basis have been proven to reduce anxiety, as it acts as a calming effect. This has lead to the increase in so-called ‘adult colouring’ books.

Annelie’s mesmerising patterns have gained many fans over the last year, but we were curious as to why?

Here is our interview with Annelies; we cover inspiration, the tools she uses and what is coming up next in this challenge.

Riley: When did the colourful journey begin and what was the inspiration behind it?

Annelies: The colourful journey started long ago since I was a child I have loved colours and testing how different combinations work together. I have used this fascination in various art forms. Furthermore, I do have a passion for stationary, especially fountain pens and notebooks. Put these two together and there you have it: the colourful lines journey

Anne Lines
Where it all began! The first ‘Lines’.

R: What do you use to draw the lines and what notebooks do you like to use?

Annelies: For the lines, I use fountain pens, most of them are Lamy AL Stars with a B nib. I also own a Kaweco AL Sport with a B nib, a Sheaffer and a Mont Blanc. Each pen carries a different colour of ink. All inks I use are cartridges of the same brand as the pen. For the lines, I use a Bindewerk notebook (size 12 x 16.5 cm) and for the grids a notebook of Traveler’s Notebook (pp size).

Anne Lines

R: How do you decide what you will draw each day, you have been going for over a year so is it hard to come up with something new?

Annelines: I do not really ‘decide’. An image comes into my head or I get my inspiration from elsewhere. Lately, it is mostly architecture that inspires me: buildings or interiors. When I make the lines there is a lot of experiment on the go.

Anne Lines

R: You have now finished that first 365-day challenge, so what is next?

Annelies: Yes I have! The lines intrigue me. There are still many more experiments I want to undertake. I really think that there is a lot more for me to explore. For my next challenge, I have made a few changes. This will make it more of a ‘proper’ challenge for me.

Anne Lines
A years worth of lines!

First off, I will change the entire format and the notebook I use. I wished for a larger notebook and happened to come across the notebooks of Paper Republic. They have the same system as Traveler’s Notebook, with a leather cover in which you can attach various refills with an elastic band. I love the leather finish Paper Republic uses for their covers. For drawing (and writing) the paper is, of course, the most important part. So I tested the paper, which turned out to be very fountain pen friendly! Furthermore, I like the fact that the cahiers notebook from Paper Republic lay flat. Their Grand Voyageur XL is the size I choose as my new format.

Anne Lines

For the next 12 months of making lines, I will challenge myself by choosing a slightly different palette of ink. Until now I have mostly used inks from Lamy. I have also occasionally used Kaweco Toffee brown, Sheaffer pink and Montblanc Lavender Purple. I have been looking at these different inks and comparing them, to decide on what colours I will use for the next challenge. In general, you could say that Lamy has louder colours while Kaweco has more sophisticated, retro-colours. So for the next year, I will transfer to their [Kaweco] palette. I will still use some Lamy inks here and there, though! I know there are a lot more inks to choose from, but for drawing, I like the ease of cartridges.

R: The inks really provide a great deal of variety. What has this challenge/journey taught you?

Annelies: You can only keep up a 365 days challenge when you’re heart is in it. Otherwise, it feels like work. So if there was anything that makes you feel happy doing I would encourage people to pursue that. People shouldn’t force themselves to do something they don’t love, and this challenge has taught me that.

Anne Lines

What I had not been aware of before this challenge is that I do have a lot of discipline. To be honest, I never saw myself as that kind of person. The dedication and love I have for this project has even surprised me. There is so much still to learn. I am really looking forward to that.

I’ve always had a great love for fountain pens. I have written with them ever since I learned to write. It never occurred to me one day I would draw lines with them on a daily basis.

Anne Lines

R: Finally, do you think other people should attempt this challenge? Maybe you could start a movement!

Annelies: I think people could really benefit from this if it doesn’t feel like an obligation. I think doing what you love for 365 days in a row is a great challenge that people should try. This challenge is also a great way to make time to do something you love each and every day. I couldn’t have drawn every day without this challenge.

Anne Lines


Annelies’ lines series has gained the attention of thousands of people in both the art and fountain pen community. Obviously, the next step for any popular artist is an exhibition! This is exactly what is happening with Annelies. Annelies will be having an exhibition, showcasing the best of her ‘Line’ and ‘Grid’ series in the not too distant at Muys in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

This exhibition will be Annelies’ next big project, so be sure to head over to her Instagram to check out the progress!

Anne Lines
Planning for the Exhibition



A huge thank you to Annelies for talking to us about her lines challenge. Anne has recently started a new challenge that is all about drawing grids!

You can follow Anne on Instagram @anne.lines and @anne.grids.

We hope you enjoyed this interview. Will you take up the challenge?

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