Review: Kaweco Classic Sport

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Kaweco Classic Sport review

The Kaweco Classic Sport

Kaweco Classic Sport review

The Kaweco Classic Sport has become known as a super compact fountain pen with a beautiful vintage aesthetic… and a somewhat inconsistent writing experience.  Today we take a look and see if it lives up to its reputation as we review one of the most popular pocket fountain pens out there, the Kaweco Classic Sport.

We received this pen from free-of-charge from the team at Notemaker. This in no way influenced our review of the pen. Read until the end for a special surprise! Go check out Notemaker’s great range for your next purchase!

Kaweco Classic Sport review

A bit of Background on the Kaweco Classic Sport

The first Kaweco ‘pocket fountain pen’ was released in 1908. When uncapped, it measured 14 cm while capped it was 10 cm. This novel concept became a huge success. In 1913 a version of the original ‘pocket fountain pen’ was advertised as the ‘Sports Series’. There have been many more renditions of this classic (excuse the pun) pen over the years, however, they have remained largely unchanged in design.

Fast forward 110 years and the Kaweco website now measures the modern pen at a very similar 10.5 cm when capped and 13.5 cm when uncapped, advertising it under the slogan, ‘Small in the pocket, great in the hand.’

Initial Impressions:

Kaweco Classic Sport review

On receiving and opening the pen out of its gift box packaging, which was a somewhat pleasant experience in itself, I was immediately taken back by how small the pen is, it truly is minuscule. Not only that, but when I lifted it up, I was even more shocked to find that it weighed next to nothing. As a person who prefers to have a heavy pen in their hand, this was a slight drawback, however, when you take into account that the pen is supposed to sit in your pocket and be summoned at a moments notice, this can’t be counted as a bad thing.
Kaweco Classic Sport

Aesthetics and design

Kaweco Classic Sport review

The pen is extremely good looking. We received the plastic black and gold variant, with a gold clip. The clip is removable, however, I think that the pen looks much better with it on. The cap of the pen measures almost as long as the body. Initially this design seems rather strange, however, I found it grew on me. Not only have I accepted the peculiar design, I’ve actually grown to love it!

The octagonal cap flows seamlessly into the circular body. There is a great deal of contrast between the black plastic body and the gold accents. From the gold text on the cap to the gold clip, not to mention the gold coloured nib. All this makes the pen look a lot more expensive than its $25.00 (USD) price tag.

One issue with the design becomes apparent when posting the pen. The pen posts extremely deeply, as one expects from a pocket pen, however, the cap leaves a small mark on the body. Over time, this will leave you with a mark on the body of your pen that can be seen when capped.

The pen comes in a retro looking tin box with an instruction manual and cartridge. We used the pen with different cartridges the whole time, however, converters can be purchased for the pen.

Writing Experience

Kaweco Classic Sport review

The writing experience of the pen showed why it has such a cheap price tag. Putting the pen down for longer than a couple of minutes would result in a hard start. These flow issues were soon overcome once the feed was soaked, however, it was slightly frustrating to need to experience so many hard starts. I managed to alleviate the worst of the flow issues, however, even after working on the nib there were some hard starts.

Once the pen overcame the initial flow problems, I was pleasantly surprised by the writing experience. The medium nib is fairly broad and writes very smoothly. It is a small nib, but due to the size of the whole pen, this doesn’t feel out of place. There is a slight bounce to the nib (for a steel nib at least) which allows for a tiny bit of line variation. Kaweco Classic Sport review

Final Thoughts:

Is the Kaweco Classic Sport lightweight, compact and does it deliver an average writing experience? Yes, it does. The hard starts were slightly disappointing, but once the pen got going, it was a joy to use. The Kaweco is a great way to save space in your bag or pocket while still having a reasonable writing and great looking fountain pen. If you are on the go and need a pen to complete that retro look, then look no further than the Kaweco Classic Sport.

Special Surprise

Thanks to Notemaker we will be giving our readers the opportunity to win this pen! More details will come soon, however, the winner will receive a great pack that includes this pen and more!

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