Pens Of The People: PB’s custom binde Pelikan M1050 ‘Gryffindor edition’

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Pelikan M1050

In this instalment of ‘Pens Of The People’, we take a look at one very special Pelikan M1050. The pen in question is a result of the work of the extremely talented Shawn Newton, and it’s proud owner, P.T.Balan.

The Pelikan flagship

Pelikan binde

The Pelikan M1050 (and M1000 and M1005) is seen by many as the pinnacle of the fountain pen world. The enormous body finished in the distinctive Pelikan colours is the cause of much envy. Oh, and who could forget the M1000 series nib? Regarded by many as one of the best nibs in the world.

The only piece of regular criticism that the Pelikan models have thrown at them, is that the finishes can be a bit dull. Maybe business-like is a better term. The design no doubt has it’s place, however, what if you wanted something that truly stood out from the crowd?

Today’s featured pen owner found the answer to this question upon stumbling across the custom bindes from Shawn Newton.

Why a Pelikan?

Pelikan nib

PB has been in the fountain pen hobby for a few years, however, the Pelikan brand is the one she feels most fond of.

“After getting my first two Pelikans (the M600 White Tortoise, and then the M800 Brown Tortoise), I fell in love with the brand.”

“Every other pen I owned couldn’t stand up to the sturdy M800 in my hand, and I used my other pens less and less, until I finally felt like I should sell them and be done with it. I got so enamoured with the M800s because they are just brilliant workhorse pens – the piston mechanism operates smoothly and reliably, the nib gives you a smooth, solid, and unobtrusive writing feel, and they hold enough ink to last several days.”

“I added one M1005 (in black and rhodium) to my collection, and the nib on that is sublime. When I saw the M1050 (a gold cap with green binde), I had to have it.”

It is this Pelikan M1050 that formed the base of her custom binde.

The M1050 binde  

Pelikan M1050
The ‘before’ picture

First, just a quick explanation on how the binde process works. As this video shows, the body of the Pelikan can be separated from the rest of pen, leaving the section and piston mechanism as a canvas to add the new binde. 

With a number of Pelikans in her collection, we were curious as to how PB chose the M1050 to be given the Newton treatment.

I had always wanted a Pelikan with a custom binde from Shawn Newton and had been planning on sending one of my M800s to get the treatment done. I had put off doing so for a long time, simply because I could not find a material I was absolutely in love with.”

“One day I saw a Pelikan M1050 for sale, and immediately envisioned a new binde for it that would mean something personal to me.”

I bought it with the specific purpose of sending it to get a custom binde that would fit the Gryffindor theme I so desired. I had a few material options (with a similar colour scheme), and after discussing it with pen friends and Shawn himself, I settled on the red/grey/black celluloid you see in the photos.”

Pelikan M1050
The ‘after’ picture

The process of getting a Pelikan binde

Pelikan M1050

As PB tells us, the options really are almost endless. PB gives us some insight into getting her personal design done.

“The process of deciding on materials, cost, and shipping to Shawn was seamless. He was very patient while I decided on which material to use, and walked me through the process of shipping the pen to him. The turnaround was quicker than I expected, and his work was outstanding! I could not have been happier with the outcome.”

The next Pelikan binde?

Once you dive into the world of custom pens, it can be tempting to keep finding new models to commission. So we asked PB if she had another custom binde in mind. Slytherin perhaps?

“Wwho knows? I still have that M800 I was waffling over, and I still have not decided on a binde for it!”Pelikan nib

As I’m sure you’ve worked out by now, PB is an amazing photographer. I highly encourage you to go check out more of her photos over at her Instagram (@p.t.balan)!

A huge thank you to PB for sharing her time in presenting this amazing pen with all of us.

If you are interested in a custom binde of your own, go check out the supremely talented Shawn Newton for more info!

Do you have an interesting pen or story you’d love to share? Get in touch to let us know!

Pelikan M1050

*Note: The owner didn’t want their full name to be used, so instead, we have used the initials ‘PB’.


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