Bungubox 5th anniversary Sailor Pro Gear

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Bungubox turns five


Well know Japanese fountain pen retailer, Bungubox, are celebrating their fifth anniversary in 2017. Bungbox is best known for their stunning selection of inks, which have taken the fountain pen world by storm over the last couple of years. Apart from their inks, Bungbox also works in conjunction with many Japanese fountain pen manufacturers to create special edition runs.

To celebrate their fifth birthday, Bungbox has certainly pulled out all the stops.


The Bungubox Sailor Pro Gear

The pen is based upon the Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black edition, however, there is a notable inclusion of gold to offset the black! The pen retains the same Satin black nib, section and cap. The barrel of the pen is an incredibly bright and sparkly gold resin. According to Bungbox, the special resin barrel has some degree of transparency.


Apart from the gold barrel, other notable inclusions in the pen are carvings on the cap ring and end of the cap.

Just 105 of these pens will be made. Bungubox says that they arrived at this number by adding the five years they have been running, to the 100 more they have ahead of them. This is good news for stationery fans!

The pen will come standard with Sailor’s beautiful 21k gold nib, in all regular sizes, as well as a music nib and zoom nib.


Pricing and Where to buy

The pen can be purchased from the Bungubox website.

The pen can be had for 37,800 JPY ($437 AUD or $334 USD or 311 EUR). There is also a set being sold, that includes a matching ink for an additional 2160 JPY.

Will you be picking up this special edition Bungubox pen?

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  2. I was just at Bungu Box website. This pen is way too cool and quite tempting. But the price point for me at this point is a bit high. I wonder how much this well sell for 5 years from now 🙂

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