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Akkerman Dutch Masters

Special edition Akkerman Dutch Masters ink collection

Akkerman Dutch Masters ink

Dutch retailer and manufacturer Akkerman, recently announced a new ink range! Labelled ‘Akkerman Dutch Masters limited colour collection’, the ink set is a testament to famous artists of years gone past.

According to the Akkerman website the inks are “inspired by paintings of Rembrandt, Hals, Vermeer and other famous Dutch painters. The names of the ink are based on the colour or subject of the paintings.” The set includes 12 inks each prescribed to a different Dutch painter or painting.

The set includes 12 inks each prescribed to a different Dutch painter or painting.

Another interesting fact to note is the bottles of this ink range. The Akkerman Dutch Masters ink bottles, is larger than a regular bottle of Akkerman ink. The shape allows it to hold a large 120ml of ink, double that of the regular Akkerman bottles. This no doubt comes as welcoming news for fans of the hard-to-find 150ml ink bottles that ceased to be made a number of years ago.

The bottles feature the same marble reservoir system as regular Akkerman inks, that allows you to fill pens even when the large bottle is almost out of ink. Once you have tilted the bottle and let the ink flow into the top section, when placed flat against, a marble will block the channel and hold a smaller amount of ink at the top of the bottle.

Akkerman Dutch Masters ink

The colours include:

  • Ceruleum blauw van Vermeer (A dark blue)
  • Dou’s Emerald Green
  • Gele Oker van Frans “French Yellow Ochre”
  • Isreal’s zeeblauw “sea blue”
  • Lievens Kardinaal Paars “Cardinal Purple”
  • Rembrandt’s Karmozijn “Crimson”
  • Ruisdael’s stormachtig blauw “Stormy Blue”
  • Scharlaken “Scarlet” van Jan Steen
  • Vermeer’s Kobaltblauw “Cobalt Blue”
  • van Huysum’s sapgroen “sap green”
  • Hals Oud Bruin “old brown neck”
  • Steenrood “Red Stone” Van Vermeer

    Akkerman Dutch masters ink
    The full collection

Pricing and where to buy

  1. For those living in Europe, you can purchase the inks from Vulpennen for €23.50
  2. For those living in America, you can purchase the inks from Vanness for $38 (USD)
  3. For those living in Australia, you can preorder the inks from Bookbinders for $59.90 (AUD)

These inks have just started shipping, however, Squishyink has already managed to write up a review of the ‘Lievens Kardinal Paars’ colour. I encourage you to check out the review over at her website.

With more reviews bound to be out soon, we are curious to know, will you be picking up one of these supersized Akkerman Dutch Masters inks?

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