Line Friends pink Lamy Safari ‘Choco’

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Line friends pink lamy safari

Another limited edition Line Friends Lamy Safari

For those of you who collect the Lamy Safari, it seems like every other day you have a new pen to buy.  This time, it’s the Line Friends Pink Lamy Safari.

Today, Japanese technology company and more recently retailer ‘Line’ announced a new collaboration with Lamy.  This collaboration involves Line Friends popular animated character Choco, a sassy young bear!  Some of you may remember the last Line Friends X Lamy collaboration with the limited ‘Brown Safari‘.  Line Friends and Lamy have had several other collaborations in the past, and each of these has commanded a hefty premium over the standard Safari.

Pink Lamy Safari

A very pink Lamy Safari

Many of you may be familiar with the current Pink Lamy Safari on offer, however, this new collaboration takes it to the next level. The pen features an all pink along with a pink bow, engraved on the cap.  Another interesting aspect of the collaboration is the different clips that can be attached to the pen (see image below).  Each of these clips gives the pen a new character.

The Line Friends pink Lamy Safari is limited to just 5000 examples. They go on sale today, however, expect them to sell out in less than a week.

The pen is available now on Ebay or through the Line Friends website.  For those of you who would like to learn more about Line Friends, check out this article. Also, for a nice little video about Line’s previous collaboration with Lamy, watch this.

We will leave you with some pictures from the release.

Will you be picking up a Line Friends pink Lamy Safari?

Line Friends pink Lamy Safari ChocoLine friends pink Lamy SafariLine friends Pink Lamy Safari

2 thoughts on “Line Friends pink Lamy Safari ‘Choco’

  1. Hi, thanks for the suggestion to get it on ebay, any tips to make sure we get the original good from the seller? Thank you!

    1. Hi Eva,
      as these pens are often highly sought after, most of the pens from Line Friends are sold out now. On Ebay your best option is to find a seller who has sold multiple Line Friends Lamy Safaris. Also look for someone with a high rating.

      The Ebay sellers will most likely be from South Korea as that is where Line Friends is based.

      hope this helps!

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