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Conid Bulkfiller

Cappuccino themed Conid Bulkfiller

Those of you who read our post on ‘Fountain pens and coffee‘ will remember the soon-to-be-revealed cappuccino themed Conid Bulkfiller we wrote about.

At the time we wrote that post, we knew that the new Conid would be a ‘Cappuccino’ theme, but the actual finish was unknown. Today, Conid released this blog post which gave us the full details of the limited edition Conid Bulkfiller.

Conid Bulkfiller Cappuccino
The teaser from Conid

The reveal of the Conid Bulkfiller

I won’t deny that I am a huge fan of the work Conid does. I also confess to being a coffee addict. Needless to say, I was excited for the reveal of this pen. I think you’ll agree that this high expectation has been met!

Conid Bulkfiller
They didn’t disappoint! (photo from Conid)

It has been revealed that just 36 of these limited edition Conid Bulkfiller Regular’s will be made. They will be available for purchase on the 6th of December at 1PM GMT, so be ready with your finger on the mouse if you want to get your hands on one. Each pen will set the owner back €442 excluding VAT and nib. As always with Conid pens, the buyer will have a choice of Bock nibs at checkout.

A history of coffee

Conid is based in the Belgium city of Antwerp. In a blog post about the pen, Francis remarked that the city was part of the inspiration for the design of the pen.

Being a large coastal city, Antwerp had many ships filled with coffee come in and out of their ports.

“Antwerp has been a well-known centre for the import of coffee beans since the 16th century and is proud of this long tradition. This still has an impact on life today and emphasises our great coffee culture” noted the blog post.

Conid Bulkfiller nib
The beautiful Bock Titanium nib (photo from Conid)

The blog post also outlined the technical details of the pen: “The collection itself is made from acrylic with the very same caramel and cream colours as a steaming cup of cappuccino. We chose to do this in a Regular Flat top, mostly because it’s such a popular model. The cap top and hand nut are made of titanium. On the bottom of the hand nut, the serial number is engraved.”

Ordering yours

As stated above, these pens will be available for purchase on the 6th of December 2016, and delivery is set to be before 2017. The link to the purchase page is hereyou can find it by visiting the Conid website and clicking on the ‘limited edition’ section down the bottom.

Conid Bulkfiller
Those swirls are hypnotic! (photo from Conid)

Be sure to check out Conid’s Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest news and all things Bulkfiller.

We will leave you with a couple of extra photos, but we are curious to know; will this pen be on your wishlist for Christmas?

Conid Bulkfiller

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  1. That pen is definitely on my wish list, and I don’t even celebrate Christmas… Hannukah, on the other hand, I do. Does that look like a Dreydl?

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