Melbourne Pen Show 2016

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The Melbourne Pen Show

Melbourne pen show
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The Melbourne Pen Show was a fantastic experience! From meeting many incredible people in the fountain pen community to seeing some beautiful pens and their nibs. The occasion was truly remarkable, and one that we look forward to each year!

First off, We want to once again, thank Robert Oster, Diamine and Fiorenza Luxuries for their support of the show.

Melbourne pen show
The beautiful venue

The Venue

Walking into the large Malvern Town Hall in Melbourne, Australia you got a true sense of community. Everybody there appreciated the significance of each pen, and if they didn’t there were always someone willing to explain. What a fantastic community we are a part of! Throughout our time there, a few hundred people came through the doors. These numbers and specifically the passion these people showed set a communal tone. 

Melbourne Pen Show
It was a busy day!

Highlights of the 2016 Melbourne Pen Show

Many of the stalls we saw were incredible and unique in every sense, however, I will account a few that were notable and truly memorable.  One of the most coveted and busiest tables of them all was Nicholas’ Omas collection. This was in part due to the amazing pens he had on display and in part due to the way he welcomed in those around him to discuss all things fountain pens. The highlight of the show, for us at least, was Nicholas’ impeccable Omas Paragon set as well as a spectacular 360 Arco. Oh, and of course the Classic Pens LB5.

Omas pen collection

We met a lovely lady, (whose name we did not catch), who was running a stall of Victorian Era Pencils and had on display one of the first boxes of coloured pencils ever made!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Maria Matina from, a fantastically friendly woman who was more than helpful in our purchase of some ever useful Rhodia pads, as well as just talking stationery.  

Kaweco Ice Sport
Some Ice cool Kaweco’s from Notemaker

Additionally, we met the famous Peter Ford from Peter restores vintage pens and is the man to see if you want your pen repaired! We were in awe at his wonderful collection, which he has amassed over many years. You can see some pictures in our gallery post.

Melbourne pen show
Some amazing vintage collections were up for sale!

In the back corner of the hall stood a man named Tim Fagan. Tim is a wood craftsman by trade who has a passion for creating fountain pens out of local woods (just like our friend Jason). Tim was kind enough to demonstrate the creative process behind handmaking a pen out of different materials. We were told that Tim takes Pen Turning courses for those who want to learn this art for themselves. Anyone in the Melbourne area should email him at <>.

Wooden fountain pen
Tim with his wood turning machine

Another highlight was the stunning display from the team at The Pensmith. Their collection spanned from vintage Pelikan, Parker, Sheaffer, Conway Stewart and Waterman to a range of new Diamine inks.

Melbourne pen show

Overall we found the 2016 Melbourne Show to be well worth the early rise! The beauty and glory of every part left us excited for next year. 

We hope to see even more people next year for an event that we are sure can only improve.

Aaron and Riley 2016.

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We will leave you with some Sailors…

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