How a passion for art lead to a luxury fountain pen company: Marcus Torpedo

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Marcus Torpedo Luxury fountain pen

In this world of social media and in particular crowdfunding, it seems like we see new pen manufacturers (such as Trilogy Pens and Steel & Flint) almost daily.  Whilst many of these creators have been releasing beautiful and functional pens, few have attempted to challenge the ‘high rollers’ of the luxury fountain pen world.

This is exactly what Swiss pen maker, Marcus Torpedo is seeking to do with his new line of ultra high-end fountain pens.

Marcus Torpedo nib
What a tease…

The art behind a luxury fountain pen

Whilst many companies have looked to renowned artists for inspiration for their pen designs (such as the gorgeous Visconti Van Gogh and the Montblanc Patron of the Arts), Marcus aims to infuse this passion for art in every aspect of his design.

“The pens are my passion” Marcus lovingly tells us.

Marcus had been collecting fountain pens for many years, however, instead of just appreciating the design and moving on, he became intrigued with how each pen was created.

Luxury fountain pen

“I could feel the soul of the artist that created the pen in my hand,” Marcus told us.

“I love art, and for me, I see pens in the same category as a fine painting or sculpture.”

It is clear that Marcus sees luxury fountain pen making as more than just a way to create a functional writing utensil.

“I want to create things that will be appreciated over the years, because what I make is so much more than just a pen.”

This blend of a tangible product and the intangible allure of his designs is clear when admiring the details of these pens.  So how exactly does Marcus make his luxury fountain pens and cases?

Marcus Torpedo pen
You get the sense of his appreciation of the history behind the pen


The process of creating a luxurious masterpiece

Marcus puts a lot of time into the creation of a new pen or case.  You don’t have to speak to Marcus for long to work out that he feels great pride in all aspects of his products, and this can be seen through his insane attention to detail.

Luxury fountain pen case
Marcus makes all the cases by hand

Marcus briefly ran us through the process he has for creating each pen:

“First there is the idea.  What could this pen be?  What message does it carry?  The idea then takes the form of a sketch, so I can begin to visualise the pen.  The next step is the 3D modelling process to work out exactly how the end product will look.  Then I do a test sample using aluminium instead of the expensive silver that I use on the final product.  If I am happy with the prototype, I will make all the silver details I need for the assembly process.”

Marcus Torpedo fountain pen
The finished product!

Marcus was keen to point out that this is just a summarised version of the process he uses. You can read more about his story here

The process, beginning with the original sketch to an end product that Marcus is happy with, takes around one year.

It is hard work being a handmade, small-scale luxury fountain pen maker, however, Marcus is proud that almost all parts of his pens are assembled in-house.  After making the pen, he even spends another week creating the bespoke leather carry case.

Leather pen case

Design inspiration

As I’m sure you can see, there are very few pens out there that look like Marcus’ creations.

Being a long time collector of fountain pens, we just had to ask Marcus about his personal favourites (other than the ones he makes!) and whether they influence his design.

“My absolute favourites come from Montegrappa and Tibaldi… but I always like to give them a personal touch,” he says.

 The future of the Marcus Torpedo brand and luxury fountain pen

Whilst the brand is relatively new, Marcus is clearly in this for the long run.

“In the past, writers used pens to make stories. I want to keep making pens that have a story in themselves.”

Luxury fountain pen

Whilst his flagship offerings aren’t cheap, Marcus gave us some good news for those looking for something less pricey.

“In the near future, I plan to release a line of accessories to accompany the fountain pens.”

Marcus hinted at plans for a new collection of pens he is developing, but he was tight-lipped about the details!


We hope you enjoyed this brand spotlight. Let us know what you thought in the comments down below! To find out more about Marcus and to purchase one of his beautiful pens, be sure to check out his website and his Instagram


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