Fountain pens and coffee

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A delectable duo – fountain pens and coffee

If you’re like us, you love to start your day with fountain pens and coffee. Those of you who are passionate writers will most likely be passionate coffee drinkers. Similarly, those who are passionate about fountain pens, are more than likely to be interested in writing.

This combination of caffeine and corresponding are a match made in heaven. Fountain pens and coffee isn’t a surprising blend either. Often times those who enjoy writing have been known to work late into the night, meaning that the kick that coffee brings is somewhat useful both at night and the morning after.

So for this reason, we shouldn’t be surprised to see so many fountain pen companies taking to a warm cup of Joe for inspiration.


So where do the two intersect? – The coffee pens!

We are pleased to inform you, that those of you who seek a coffee inspired pen have some beautiful options!

Pelikan M200 Cafe Creme

Pelikan M200 Cafe Creme

Is it just us or does this pen look almost good enough to drink?

The Pelikan M200 Cafe Creme draws a lot of comparisons between the art of writing and a good cup of coffee. The smooth writing and the velvety milk. We love the very distinct layers on this pen, highlighting the coffee base, milky middle and the chocolate on top! Who needs a caffeine hit when you can start the day writing with one of these? (probably still us).


Conid Bulkfiller Cappucino edition
Conid Bulkfiller
The mystery will soon be revealed!

We love the Conid Bulkfiller. The exquisite engineering and the industrial exterior make the regular model stand out from the crowd. Lucky for us, Conid recently announced that they will be making a special Cappuccino inspired model for the new year!


Details of the pen haven’t yet been released, however, after a bit of digging, we may have found some clues!

‘Fountainbel’, the creator of Conid pens posted this on FPN on the 28th of February 2015. The post seems to showcase a beautiful chocolatey finish with swirls of milk. Whilst not officially announced, we think this design might not be too far off the pen being announced in December! Keep up with their Facebook page to get the latest on this pen! 


A matching game – Coffee ink

So you have the pen, what now?

If you’re like us then you probably like matching your ink with your pen.

Lucky for us, De Atramentis is here to help! De Atramentis is well known for their scented ink range, but the one we really like is their coffee infused ink! The perfect companion for a coffee themed pen!

Just imagine: Sipping your morning coffee, writing with you coffee themed pen and smelling the ink as it flows onto your page.

Coffee ink

For once, an ink that actually smells good!



J. Herbin Café Des Îsles

J.Herbin Cafe des iles
Less smell, equally pretty

For those of you who would prefer not have your entire notebook smell of coffee, there is still hope for you.

J. Herbin also has a beautiful coffee themed ink. The rich brown colour, combined with the performance that J. Herbin offers, makes this a great option for matching your pen to your ink!


Because you need a pen case to match.

Every great pen needs a case to match.

So in keeping with the coffee theme we present the opulent leather case from Alexander von Bronewski.

Leather pen case
Alexander’s hand-stitched creation… Sadly it doesn’t come with the Pelikan or Montblanc

These hand-stitched beauties would be the perfect finish to the ultimate coffee themed pen.

Do yourself a favour and go check out some more of Alexander’s creations.

Alexander can pretty much stitch you up almost any accessory in this beautiful espresso coloured leather, so to finish off the set, his work is worth a look.


So as I’m sure you’ve worked out by now, we love our coffee. The juices of creativity!

We look forward to seeing what Conid comes out with on the 6th of December!


Will you be picking up any of these coffee themed items? 



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